Slides & Notes

Here is some material provided by the speakers.

If you spoke at the YTM and would like your slides etc. to appear here, please send them to the organizers and explicitly state that you would like them to appear on the conference website.

  • Andrea Bianchi, Splitting of the homology of the punctured mapping class group: slides
  • Adam Brown, Convergence and Stability of Random Mapper Graphs: slides
  • Johnathan Bush, Metric Thickenings, Orbitopes, and Borsuk–Ulam Theorems: slides
  • Matt Feller, New model structures on simplicial sets: slides
  • Redi Haderi, Higher Equipments and Homotopy Colimits: slides
  • Rachel Hardeman, An Introduction to A-Homotopy Theory: A Discrete Homotopy Theory for Graphs: slides
  • Kelly Maggs, Homotopy Equivalent Cellular Reduction using Discrete Morse Theory: slides
  • Lewis Mead, Large Random Simplicial Complexes: slides
  • Łukasz P. Michalak, On Reeb graphs and epimorphisms onto free groups: slides
  • Joshua Mirth, Morse theory for Metric Thickenings: slides
  • David Recio-Mitter, Motion planning on banana graphs: slides
  • Ilaria Rossinelli, Simpicial localization of categories: slides
  • Arkadi Schelling, Approximating Persistent Homology with Discrete Morse Theory: slides
  • M. Soriano-Trigueros, Persistent homology for data evolving in time: slides
  • Kürşat Sözer, Extended HFTs in dimension 2: slides
  • Alvaro Torras Casas, Input-Distributive Persistent Homology: slides
  • Phil Tosteson, Representation Stability and Homology of Moduli Spaces: slides
  • Nicolò Zava, The large-scale geometry of asymmetric spaces with applications to directed graphs: slides