Practical Information


The EPFL is located just outside of the city center of Lausanne, Switzerland.

The campus can be reached via the metro stop “EPFL” on the metro line M1. A map of the public transportation network can be found here. You can look up public transit connections on the website of the Swiss Federal Railways.

Arriving by Train

Lausanne is relatively well-connected to the rail networks of Austria, France, Germany and Italy. You can look up connections on the website of the Swiss Federal Railways. If you book your tickets in advance, there may be some “supersaver fares” available which are significantly cheaper than the regular prices.

Arriving by Plane

The closest international airports are:


You may need a visa to enter Switzerland (which is in the Schengen Area). Please consult the website of Swiss authorities and the links therein about visa requirements and the application process (which may differ depending on where you are).

If you are asked to provide information about your “inviting organization” in a visa application form, you can use the following:

Laboratory for Topology and Neuroscience at EPFL
Address: EPFL SV BMI UPHESS / Station 8 / 1015 Lausanne
Phone number: +41 21 69 37922
Fax number: N/A

If you need an invitation letter, you can request one in the registration form or in the confirmation form which will be sent after the registration deadline.

Other things to keep in mind

  • The currency of Switzerland is the Swiss franc (CHF). Euro is accepted in some places, but even when it is, the exchange range is usually bad.
  • The Swiss power socket standard is incompatible with many plugs, including the “Schuko plug” (CEE 7/4) and the “French plug” (CEE 7/6) that are commonly used elsewhere in Europe. A notable exception is the “Europlug” (CEE 7/16).
  • EU roaming regulations do not apply to Switzerland, so also EU-based operators may charge significant roaming fees in Switzerland.


We will be able to provide accommodation for some participants. However, due to limited funding, we have fewer places than the number of applications. Therefore we kindly ask the participants who have other funding sources to use those if possible. Here are some possibilities if you want to book your own accommodation:


The venue of the YTM is wheelchair accessible.

If you have any accessibility requirements, please contact the organizers.

Child Care

If you are interested in organized child care during the YTM, please contact the organizers. If there is interest, we will try to organize a solution (which will need to be paid by the participants who use the service).